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  1. surely
    KK[ˋʃʊrlɪ] DJ[ˋʃuəli]
  2. ad.副詞

    • 1. 確實,無疑,一定

      She surely seems happy. 她看來肯定很快活。
    • 2. 穩當地

      He walked slowly but surely. 他走得很慢,但卻很穩當。
    • 3. 想必

      Surely you don't believe that! 你想必不會相信那種事吧!
    • 4. 【美】【口】當然

      --Are you going with us? --Surely. —你和我們一起去嗎? —當然啦!
  3. 反義字

    「ad. 的確地;一定」的反義字:
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    |約 586 之 1-3 筆

    幫窩-想-和-翻 -英文文章............急20點

    Surely there's been quite a few magnificent moments in my life; ranging from the clichéd (remember... doesn't sound much and I don't know for sure if it was the best moment of my life but it surely felt like the best moment. It's extremely hard to use words to describe the feeling...


    ...現在式 另外,習慣上if子句會擺前面 所以應該是 If you study hard, you will surely pass this exam.


    Yes, surely our company will reserve safe-inventory for customer. However, our...

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