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  1. take charge of
    • 1. 管理; 負責

      Eisenhower told me that he wanted me to take complete charge of the land battle. 艾遜豪威告訴我他要我完全負責陸地的戰爭。John will take charge of the next meeting. 約翰將主持下一次會議。
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    管理; 負責
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    Take charge of the horse light-break a vat to save friend Ancient times... after, all very much frightened, some dithers, and take charge of the horse light but calm down, connect very much?Taking charge of...

    take care of的用法

    take care of 是個片語,有底下三種用法︰ 1. 等於take charge of;look after 照顧;照看 The nurse takes...'t worry about this. I'll take care of it. 別為此事擔心,我會負責處理的。 3. 也可以...


    Authorization I take charge of Suzhou to love Li the silk Xiao... protection subject Presently I take charge of am authorized factory manager to spread...

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