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  1. take effect
    • 1. 產生預期的或要求的結果; 生效

      The aspirins soon took effect. 服下的阿司匹林藥片很快見效了。
    • 2. 實施; 實行; 起作用

      The new law takes effect from tomorrow. 新法令明日起實行。
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    This contract will take effect immediately. Each party will keep one of the two original copies. 2007-07...

    英文句子 說明.... rule (新規定) 而不是 news rule (新聞規則?)吧!1. The new(s) rule, which takes effect Tuesday (此形容詞子句為非限定用法,所修飾的先行詞為唯一的事物), may...


    ...precession states that any force supplied to a spinning object will take effect 90 degrees forward in the direction of the spin from where the force was...

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