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  1. tell

    KK[tɛl] DJ[tel]
  2. vt.及物動詞

    • 1. 告訴;講述,說[O1][O5][O6][(+about/of/to)]

      He told us how the accident happened. 他告訴我們那次事故是怎麼發生的。She told me that she would be back in an hour. 她告訴我她一個小時內就會回來。Did he tell you when to start out? 他有沒有告訴你什麼時候出發?I told her my telephone number before we parted. 我們分手前,我把電話號碼告訴了她。
    • 2. 吩咐,命令[O2][O6]

      Tell him not to come tomorrow. 叫他明天別來。I told her to wait. 我叫她等一等。
    • 3. 顯示,顯露[O5][O6]

      She cracked a smile that told her joy. 她綻出笑容,顯露內心的歡樂。
    • 4. 識別;辨別[O5][O6][O][(+from/apart)]

      I really can't tell which is which. 我實在看不出哪個是哪個。
    • 5. (常用過去時)忠告,警告[Y][O2][+(that)]

      I told you not to do that, and now look what's happened! 我警告過你不要幹此事,你瞧現在出事了。
    • 6. 向……告發[(+on)]


    • 1. 講述[(+of/about)]

      The book tells of his sister's life in Japan. 這本書談及他妹妹在日本的生活情況。
    • 2. 識別;判定

      It's too early to tell. 現在要作出判斷為時過早。
    • 3. 產生效果;發生影響[(+on)]

      Strain began to tell on his health. 過度勞累開始影響他的健康。
    • 4. 【口】告發[(+on)]

  3. 變化形

    • 動變: told,told,telling

  4. 反義字

    「vi. & vt. 告訴;講述;命令」的反義字:
    • v 動詞

      past tense and past participle- told /told; təʊld/

      ►SAY/INFORMATION 說/信息◄ [T] to give someone facts or information about something 把〔某事〕告訴〔某人〕; 說﹐講

    • idiom慣用語/詞語搭配

      tell sb (that)

      tell sb who/why/what etc

    • 說,講述,告訴


    • a.形容詞



    • adj 形容詞

      having a great or important effect; SIGNIFICANT (1) 有力的; 有效的; 有重大影響的

      a remark that is telling shows what you really think although you may not intend it to 顯露內心活動的﹐流露真實思想的

    • the past tense and past participle of TELL
    • 講述
    • 報時
    • 揭人隱私
    • 辨別
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