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  1. than
    KK[ðæn] DJ[ðæn]
  2. conj.連接詞

    • 1. 比,比較

      She looks younger than she is. 她看起來比她實際歲數顯得要年輕。He runs a lot faster than I. 他跑得比我快多了。
    • 2. (用於rather, sooner之後)與其……(寧願……)

      I would rather do some reading at home than go shopping with them. 與其和他們去購物,我倒寧願留在家裡讀點書。
    • 3. (用於else, other等之後)除了……(之外)

      She has never been to a big city other than Chicago. 除芝加哥外她沒有去過別的大城市。
    • 4. (用於no sooner, scarcely, hardly之後)當,就

      No sooner had we left the village than it began to rain. 我們剛離開村子,天就下起雨來了。


    • 1. 【書】比

      She is a teacher than whom no one is more patient. 她是個比誰都耐心的老師。
    • 2. (後接計量數目)超過

      My aunt stayed here for more than a week. 我姑媽在這兒待了一個多星期。
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    ...imagine a more interesting history than that of Italy's famous ...的than才是連接詞,因為帶出一個子句。than接了一個子句。 We do not He earns more money than is needed 上句是兩個...

    關於rather than的用法

    rather than是對等連接詞! 你們講義上寫的有問題吧...詞性、時態必須相同,因此: 過去式 rather than 過去式 N. rather than N. 介詞 if we are able to do it rather than turning a blind eye to them...


    ...之後〕比,比較。 Health is better than money. 健康勝於金錢。 He is taller than...以外),除…(以外的)。 He has no other friend than you. 他除你以外沒有朋友。 He is otherwise than...

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