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  1. together with
    • 1. 和...一起

      She sold the house, together with the furniture. 她連同傢具把房屋賣掉了。
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    together with 是從屬連接詞嗎?用法?

    ...形容詞用,但沒有連接詞的功能。 1. The general, together with his stall, is dining here tonight...有自己的受詞,所以需要一個介系詞的幫忙。你可把together with分開看較清楚,即with his stall及with his...

    English sentence疑問??

    together with 是[片語介系詞]不是[對等連接詞],介系詞片語together with xxx 是用來修飾... to retake,而不能用are going to retake The movie director, together with the crew members, is going to retake a scene. together with = along...

    幫我檢查英文的文法是否正確 10點!!

    ...不是第三人稱用go才可 hoped the next time will be allowed to go together with mother 這樣寫比較好-->I hope the next time will be allowed to go...

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