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  1. touch on
    • 1. 簡略地講述(某題目); 接近

      She merely touched on this question. 她只是粗略地提到這個問題。His actions touch on treason. 他的行為近乎叛國。He touched on many points without enlarging on any of them. 他提出許多問題, 但一個也沒有詳細論述。He only touched on the matter for a few minutes. 對這個問題, 他只簡單地談了幾分鐘。He is reading all the current publications touching on his research. 凡最近出版的, 涉及他研究範圍的書刊, 他都在閱讀。The pencil must touch on the paper very lightly. 用鉛筆在紙上寫字, 筆觸要很輕。
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    簡略地講述(某題目); 接近
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    We kept in touch on and off, but (recently) we have not contacted with each other for quiet a while...


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