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  1. tubular
    KK[ˋtjubjəlɚ] DJ[ˋtju:bjulə]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 管狀的;管子做成的;有管的

    • 2. 【醫】管性的

  1. 知識+

    |約 31 之 1-3 筆


    ...以取得其他方式的使用方法 Should this tape be impracticable,tube-grip or a tubular net bandage can be used 〈see figures 1and 2 below...

    英文高手 幫我翻譯成中文

    ...a small amount of water results in the formation of long, flexible and worm-like tubular micellar structures (Fig. 4). Thousands of such tubular micro...

    義大利麵請問如何區分 ?

    ...條狀的通心粉) Rigatoni is simply a larger version of the tubular-shaped penne, but wider and with straight ends. 圖片參考:http...

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