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  1. valuable

    KK[ˋvæljʊəb!] DJ[ˋvæljuəbl]
  2. a.形容詞

    • 1. 值錢的,貴重的

      He bought me a valuable diamond ring as a birthday present. 他給我買了一只貴重的鑽戒作生日禮物。
    • 2. 有用的,有價值的[(+for/to)]

      This experience is valuable to me. 這一經歷對我很有用。
    • 3. 可估價的


    • 1. 貴重物品,財產[P]

      Guests may deposit their valuables in the hotel safe. 旅客可將貴重物品存放在旅館的保險櫃中。
  3. 變化形

    • 形變: more valuable,most valuable

    • 名複: valuables

  4. 反義字

    「a. 貴重的;有價值的」的反義字:
    • adj 形容詞

      worth a lot of money 值錢的﹐貴重的

      valuable help, advice etc is very useful because it helps you to do something 〔幫助﹑勸告等〕有價值的﹐有用的

    • 有價值的,貴重的,寶貴的,可估價的
    • n 名詞

      [plural] things that you own that are worth a lot of money, such as jewellery, cameras etc 〔珠寶﹑照相機等〕貴重物品
    • 貴重物品
    • 與受益價值相等的回報
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