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  1. water flea
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    • 1. 水蚤

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    ... you lie down with dogs,you will get up with fleas. 種瓜得瓜,種豆得豆(種什麼因就有什麼果) 20. ...butterfly. 交際花 24.Don't fish in troubled water. 不要自找麻煩 25. Has the cat got ...


    ... all scratchy. 把地毯都弄得好粗糙。(好刮皮膚) 二. Brings fleas! 招/惹跳蚤 六. He took a mouthful of water from the horse trough and spat it out."There's trouble a-...


    ...feces and urine. 2.Before dog dog, has the flea, therefore traces the dog certainly to wash the hands...will spot-check on the road. 5.An alert to dog feed and water whether to have had, did not have added...

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