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    『純潔的』 英文怎麼說 急

    版大你好 :) 純潔的 → 1. seraphic 2. unspotted 3. cleanly 4. undefiled 5. lovely 6. taintless 7. white 8. virginal 9. chaste 10. immaculate 11. snowy 12. virgin 13. purely 14. pure 15. clean 米蟲 → a rice weevil 純潔的米蟲→ pure rice weevil 僅供參考。


    ..., including dry matter content, sugar content, surface area, initial weight, rough weevil (Blosyrus spp.) damage, latex production, cortex thickness and hardness of the tissue...題目== 在sweetpotatoes...

    幫我翻譯 (盡量不要用翻譯軟體)

    Cell physiology in the weevil Sitophilus oryzae is coordinated by three integrated...weevil) that belongs to the proteobacteria γ3-subgroup, is present in all weevils studied. We discovered a fourth prokaryotic genome in...