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  1. work one's way
  2. ph.片語

    • 1. 努力前進

    • 2. 憑自己賺錢付……(旅費、學費)

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    --急-- to find one's way ??

    ..._meaning_of_corporate_world 2. With good common sense and a positive working attitude, Janet is finding her way in her new job.具有普通常識和積極的工作態度,使Janet在新的...

    [pave one's way for]該如何使用?

    ...補習班打工俾利吸取教育方面訊息)。 例句使用:I study hard to pave my way for a successful career. (我努力用功以替自己未來成功的職業生涯鋪路)。 希望我...


    As long as one is willing to do (what it takes) to (become a big name), by (starting at the bottom) and (working one's way up), there is no doubt that one will be (on the road) to be (a huge hit).

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