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  1. and that's flat

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    • 1. 這是我的最後決定 I'm not going out with you and that's flat! 我不跟你出去, 說定了!
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    • Alan Walker-all falls down歌詞?

      ...認為我已無法和妳分開 – stuck 在此屬行容詞,意為黏住了,分不開 and thats that : 就只能這樣了(知道要分手,但無奈) Copied from Longman...

    • (20點)請幫我翻譯這封信的內容~勿用翻譯軟體..謝謝

      ...understand your concept of single and that's ok but that was not what... bf/gf is a position and I was thinking maybe that you didn't want others to know...

    • 英文文章修改

      ...'m not sure what you mean ego ideal.) He did the good job and thats why I really admire his talent for writing. -- He ...