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  1. as strong as a horse

    • ph.
      體壯如馬的, 力大如牛的
    • 同反義


    體壯如馬的, 力大如牛的

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      1.A cow is ( C ) as a horse. (a)strong as an animal (b)as a strong animal (c)as strong an keep the environment as clean and healthful ( A ). (A)as possible (B)as they are possible (C...

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      ...修飾形容詞wise,than為連接詞 4.A cow is _________as a horse. (A)as a strong animal (B)as strong an animal as (副詞)... as(連接詞) 還原: A cow...

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      ...無恙as stiff as a poker 刻板as stiff as a ramrod 挺直的as straight as a die 筆直as strong as a horse 精力充沛的as strong as an ox 強壯如牛的as sure as fate 千真萬確as thick as ...