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  1. be bursting at the seams

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    • 1. 【口】滿滿當當 I've eaten so much I am bursting at the seams. 我吃得太多了, 肚子都要撐破了。
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      極欲幹某事 She was bursting to tell him the good news. 她迫不及待地要把這個好消息告訴他。
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    • 三個讓我煩到「爆炸」的字

      ...would burst with anger and shame. 他惱羞成怒,都要氣炸了。 The roads are bursting with cars. 車輛把那些道路擠滿了。erupt 中文解釋:主要指火山的爆發...

    • 以下的子句是哪裡到哪裡?

      ...1. In the past, students had to carry heavy bags that were bursting with textbooks, dictionaries, and notebooks to ...

    • I/O bound跟I/O burst的差別在哪?

      ... with a CPU burst猝發 行程執行由一個CPU分割(CPU burst)開始。 That is followed by an I/O burst, then another CPU burst, then another...