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    • single-spaced blank lines是??

      "2 single-spaced blank lines at the top of the paper" Followed...quot;作者名" 空三行 然後:開始寫報告本文 single-spaced blank line: 空一行(間距是單行)。你只要空一行就對了 。

    • 基礎英文句子填空3題(急)

      ...the meaning of "而且". question#3, since it has TWO blanks space and follows with "of". Otherwise, you can also use "...

    • 一句中翻英請高手看是否有錯~

      有些字前面有空格,但是有些字前面沒有空格 Some of the words have blank space(s) in prior, but the others don't.