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  1. bring someone off

    • ph.
      be rescued from a ship in difficulties;give someone or oneself an orgasm
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    • ph.
      rescue someone from a ship in difficulties

    Oxford Dictionary

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      ...problem—I was late. 我用到了下列七個: 1. break down 2. bring up 3. give up 4. run out of 5. cut off 6. find out 7. let someone down 2007-08-04 16:07:42 補充: 抱歉…發現錯誤…更正XD! and...

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      ...brought___up. "bring up 的過去式是brought up" 2.A synonym for the verb...4.When you ___apologize______ to someone,you say you are sorry. "當...quot; 5.The past tense of drop off is ___dropped____ off. "...

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      ... the singer off the stage.也就是你說的boo someone off The crowd booed him.<...食物 但我從來沒聽過有人這樣用耶 *I'll bring my own grub.<我會帶我自己的食物...