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    • Get Fired Up 英文文章翻譯

      ... three basic types of matter: combustible, non-combustible...when it is near a fire; 任一可燃的物質,當它靠近...甚至於 when it is in the fire, 不可燃的這一類的物質...的人. That’s because enthusiasm and passion are the basic...

    • 英文高手請進有關feet of flame

      ...and this performance only made my fires burn all the hotter with enthusiasm. The music, the dancing, the lighting, the story of a noble warrior saving his land...

    • [ 高中英文 ] 克漏字測驗? Part 2---每題1點

      5. (1) what (2) rush to (3)through (4) rising (5)lead to 6. (1)secrets (2)being (3)looks for (takes would be a better answer if it's available.) (4)In addition (5) of