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    • 請英文大師幫翻譯原文書= =”

      ...for a missing tooth or part of a tooth that is cemented and fixed in position in such a manner that cannot be removed by the patient is a...

    • 打領帶 繫皮帶 綁鞋帶的動詞?

      ...2. fasten 繫上(皮帶、衣服上的繩子、安全帶等) to (cause something to) become firmly fixed together, or in position, or closed: Make sure your seat belt is securely ...

    • 英文一竅不通 請幫忙 謝謝您們

      ...on the "Palm" part, the first and middle finger are not in position. For photo correction, fix the structure to right position, when paste one. If you want it specification for "...