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  1. have a go at

    • ph.
      嚐試, 試試看, 特別是在別人試過之後
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    • 1. 嚐試, 試試看, 特別是在別人試過之後 He had several goes at the high jump before he succeeded in clearing it. 他是跳了好幾次才成功地越過橫杆。 I'll have a go at mending your bike today. 我今天修修你的自行車。


    嚐試, 試試看, 特別是在別人試過之後

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    • ph.


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    • 英文口試的題目 " with a friend,would you speak in your own language?Or would you have a go at speaking to each other in English? Ans: I would try to...

    • have a go」解釋為「嘗試」 的時候該怎麼造句?

      ...罐子根本打不開。" "讓我試試看。" 3. I want to have a go at finishing my essay tonight. 我想要嘗試看看今晚能不能寫完我的文章...

    • be.has

      ...動詞在此是表示[存在]。在這些句子裡,主詞是事物。 We are not going to have a BBQ at the park next Saturday. have動詞在此是表示[擁有]。在這句子裡,主詞...