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    • 英文文章翻譯!不要翻譯器

      ... you’ve had something custom-made and your tailor has your measurements... online, even after you’ve returned home! 只要您一旦有衣物量身訂做而...

    • 中文翻英文簡單會話

      Have you got something good in return? No, I feel depressed, don't do anything...really hang out with my family and enjoy a meal. I have been working too hard lately. 還有疑問請補充...

    • 請幫忙回答這些英文問題算是一則對話(20點)

      1. Yes! I once saw Britney Speers in our neighborhood! 2. No, I think my appearance is rather unique, unlike anybody. 3. Of course. I think the funny movies Jim Carry features...