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  1. home in on

    • vt.
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    • 1. 導向 sharks can home in on tiny amounts of blood in the sea 鯊魚在海裡能精確定位極少量的血
    • 2. 注意到某事物 the FBI has begun to home in on the Guatemalan connection 聯邦調查局已經盯上了危地馬拉的販毒網絡
    • ph.
      對準某事物; 朝某事物運動 The torpedo homed in on its target. 魚雷射向目標。 Pop fans are homing in on the concert site from miles around. 流行歌曲的愛好者紛紛從四面八方向音樂會的舉辦地點聚集。
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      ... 在last 和next之前,不用at/on/in At/on/in (位置) 某人在某個節目活動中 ex: at a party/ at a concert...事件) What time did he arrive at school? arrive home(不須加介系詞) When did he arrive home?

    • 請教英文高手這整句英文的完整意思?

      ...that the earthquake had reduced to 18 inches brought it home in a way that its size , 6.6 on the Richter scale , could not. 先分析句型,整句話是: Seeing...

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      ... of memories on the wall. 家是充滿回憶的影像之牆 home is sleeping in my own bed. 家是溫柔舒適的床...come back to stay. 我知道我將會再回來 home is a beautiful place. 家是最完美...