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    • 三題英文問題不會

      ...的was便是動詞, 而句子中的insistent則是adverb(用來描述 動作的形容詞) 如果要把insistent換成動詞, 是insist, 而既然是過去式, 句子便是, He insisted on walking me home.

    • 麻煩幫我把這封信翻譯成英文!!

      ... of any difficulty you encounter (in the future), I hope you could be even more insistent on this beautiful dream and keep on spinning beautifully to dance much more brilliant ballet...

    • 急!!請幫忙把這段中文翻譯成英文~

      .... It's all because of my dad. He is very insistent on our living environment and that has deep influence on me...