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    • 急英文眼睛光學翻譯

      1.這一節將結合我們來説明您從關係圖中過渡到實際的視網膜反射的示意性繪圖實驗室練習。 2.正視[1]: 成立了你的模型眼,保持工作距離舒適光學對齊。[2]: 兩個你的眼睛打開的眼睛套 up(or down) 最接近的儲存格的位置,+2.00 工作鏡頭。調暗燈光,然後按照下麵的每個步驟。 3.中立[1...

    • 急!幫我中翻英一篇文章!15點~!一篇文章!

      .../his own life in order to make it colorful and meaningful. If there... I grow up, I wish to become a musician. I love playing... anticipate standing on the broad stage and sharing my music...

    • 怎麼用英文寫這一段 ?

      ...poem describes the moon and makes alone . Leave and drink alone...abundant imagination , ' three people ' becoming the moon and one's own figure not... the spirit, the lonely broad-minded individual character and...