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    • to kill a mocking bird 梅岡城故事 急

      ...補充: It becomes clear that the friendless Mayella was making sexual advances towards Tom and was caught by her father. Despite the...

    • 幫忙翻譯一段英文 很急 不要直接用字典翻譯

      ... books, in order to substantiate the professional knowledge in this respect, make great efforts to advance towards the goal, realize my dream for many years, it is believed...

    • 幫幫忙,英文自傳文法修正!

      在漫長的職業生涯,要求自己能夠擁有優越與傑出的表現,對於每份工作期望可以按部就班順利達成,努力朝著自我設定的目標前進,對公司有更多的貢獻。希望有一天能夠成為優秀管理人,善盡自己的本份。 In the long career at the future, I ask myself to be able to have a...