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    • Here comes the shuttle應該怎麼翻譯

      ...] (織機的)梭,梭子;(縫紉機的)擺梭;穿梭般來回的東西 The shuttle moves backwards and forwards through the warp. 梭子在經線中來回移動。 (車輛、飛機等在兩地間的)短程穿梭...

    • Helicopters can rise or desce

      他是描述 move 副詞 helicopters can move laterally.

    • 英語遊戲的意思與玩法

      ... letters can be used more than once. You may also move forward and backward along the path. (從T開始,沿著路徑來連接字母讓他們成為一句名言。部份...