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    • 一些動物的英文諺語

      ...pig in a poke. * pig out Our kids dream of staying up late and pigging out on junk food. 2006-03-15 23:54:32 補充: 意思可以去參考網站看﹐是英文的。

    • 請問這些英文句子有別的說法嗎??

      ...sometimes.→Come round at times.10. Let's go to the pizza house and pig out on pizza. 我們去披薩店大吃一頓吧。→Let's go to Pizza Hut...

    • 「三隻小豬」英文劇本,英翻中!!

      ... three little piglets out into the pond to make the 豬媽媽叫她...的房子. The first little pig builds a house of straw, 第一... 第一天,這隻大壞狼去敲了 on the first little pig's door...