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  1. the point at issue

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    • 1. 爭論點 The point at issue here is the whole future of the industry. 爭論的焦點是這個行業總的前景。
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    • 英文高手請進

      ...中的、討論中的; They are at issue.- 他們討論中。/ the point at issue-爭論的點。 ◎在同一句子裡不應有兩個but! 也就是說此句該由兩句話構成...

    • 請幫我改一下翻譯~謝謝-1

      ... intelligence than the people who don't smoke at all. This point at issue might have opposite views on druggie’s general thinking.----->改成...

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      Strategy and marketing scholars look at strategic issues from different points of view and attempt to explain strategic choice and performance from their unique ...