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    • 英文解釋(請幫我翻為正確的意思)

      ...1. Camping off campus 標題該如何翻呢? 校外紮營 (例如college grads set up camp near campus,這裡Camping不是露營,是指臨時安頓在便宜住處) 2. Add...

    • 露營相關英語詞彙

      露營區 : camp area 搭帳蓬: set up a tent 唱歌: sing songs 生營火: build a camp fire 做三餐飯: make three meals 滅火: put out a fire 小心蛇: beware of the snakes 提一桶水: to fill up a pail of water 手電筒: flashlight

    • 請問一句英文時態的觀念

      ... homeless. Many residents have sought shelter at a camp set up by the army at the local airport. =>Many residents are...