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    • snack or dessert ? snack a lot. 如果後面要接受詞, 則必須先加個on,比如說:I like to snack on popcorn when I watch TV. 源自

    • I take him out for..... 可數名詞,要加冠詞(文馨當代字典第五版p.1711) We had a snack on the train. 我們在火車上吃了點心 ★Dinner n. 可數不可數皆有...

    • on hand 與 in hand的差異

      ...spacer.gif ph. 1. 在手邊,在近處 There weren't enough snacks on hand for the party. 現有宴會的點心不夠用。 We have plenty of money on hand...