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    • 英文高手: one和a的問題加一句翻譯(15點)

      ... Ashley Tse and Kwong’s engagement party, in an area in one restaurant’s rear cordoned off from the public, goody bags are stuffed with plush McDonaldland Characters. Ashley Tse 和...

    • changed the game?這是什麼意思??

      ...是你想要再試一次的理由吧 3.No, my sister was really the one that kept up with all that stuff這句的kept up我不懂是什麼意思,又為何要用過去式?還有stuff在此是...

    • Father's 9 英翻中 怎麼翻??

      ...attention 然而善良是得不到任何重視的 One kid with a promise 一個在學校很有前途 ... books about science and smart stuff 讀的是跟科學和聰明玩意有關的書本 It...