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  1. as thick as thieves

    • ph.
      【口】(指人與人)非常親密, 要好
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    • Thick As Thieves Lyrics 歌曲中文翻譯

      Thick As Thieves 一丘之貉 Would it kill you to breathe easy? 呼吸...我不會輕易毀約 You got my council, thick as thieves 你有我的兄弟 如同一丘之貉 If there's a...

    • 英文俚語翻譯解釋

      ... at the hip. 找到山姆就找到湯姆,他們倆活像連體嬰似的。 as thick as thieves 死黨 Mary, Lucy, and Sally are as thick as thieves...

    • 問個英文簡單問題 a horse 精力充沛的as strong as an ox 強壯如牛的as sure as fate 千真萬確as thick as thieves 十分要好as thin as a lath 骨瘦如柴as ugly as sin 非常醜陋as well as 和...一樣as white...