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  1. tried and tested (or tried and trusted)

    • ph.
      denoting something that has proven in the past to be effective or reliable
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    • ~sos~幫幫我翻譯這四段商用英文 (15點) 急急急 inform you that it will be ready for shipment around July 20. We have tried to complete it on schedule and trust that our superior quality will give you full satisfaction. 請被通知那, 我們...

    • 誰能幫我翻譯 ? 不要線上翻譯那種 !

      ...延伸為 你要持續努力 You keep trying 你要持續努力! 繼續試試看 There is help and happiness ahead.... (句子不完整 無法 the end 最後一定是沒事的! Trust God and believe in good ...

    • 誰跟我講這篇英文的翻譯(急)15點大放送喔

      ... and you shoule be able to trust them, 跟朋友在一起時你應該 friends are at school and are around your neighborhood...好的方法就是走向他並自己介紹 then try and find things you have in common...