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  1. trouble

    • KK[ˋtrʌb!]
    • DJ[ˋtrʌbl]


    • n.
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • 名詞複數:troubles

    • 過去式:troubled 過去分詞:troubled 現在分詞:troubling

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 煩惱;憂慮[C][U] Her heart was full of trouble. 她憂心忡忡。
    • 2. 困難;困境;麻煩的事[U][C][(+with)][+v-ing] Her son has got into trouble again. 她兒子又惹麻煩了。 You're asking for trouble. 你是在自找麻煩。
    • 3. 麻煩,打擾,費事[S][U]
    • 4. 紛爭,動亂,騷亂[P1] There used to be a lot of troubles in that region. 那個地區過去動亂不已。
    • 5. 故障[U][(+with)] My car has got engine trouble. 我的汽車引擎發生故障。
    • 6. 缺點,毛病[C][(+with)]
    • 7. 疾病,苦痛[U][C] I often have trouble with my teeth. 我常常牙痛。


    • 1. 使煩惱;使憂慮 Losing a little money doesn't trouble me. 損失一點錢我並不在意。
    • 2. (表示客氣時用)麻煩[(+for)][O2] Could I trouble you to open the window? 麻煩你把窗子打開好嗎?
    • 3. (疾病)折磨,使疼痛 Her wound has been troubling her a lot this week. 這星期她傷口一直很疼。
    • 4. 擾亂;使激動


    • 1. (常用於否定句和疑問句)煩惱;費心[(+about)][+to-v] Don't trouble about that. 別為那事費心了。 She didn't even trouble to look at our presents. 她甚至不屑看一下我們的禮物。


    vi. & vt. 煩惱;憂慮


    「vt. 使煩惱;使疼痛」的反義字

    • adj.
    • trouble的名詞複數
    • trouble的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • adj.
      煩惱的 to be troubled about sth. 因某事物而苦惱 to be troubled in spirit 精神上感到苦惱
    • 麻煩的,混亂的,不平靜的


    • ph.
      在危險(或受罰、痛苦、憂慮等)的處境中 My friend is in great trouble about his child. 我的朋友為了他的孩子陷入困境。 If we can't keep to the schedule, we'll be in (a lot of) trouble. 我們不按時完成計劃就要倒(大)楣了。
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    • IPA[ˈtrʌbl]



    • n.
      問題 what's the trouble? 出甚麼事了? to cause or give (sb.) trouble (給某人)帶來困難
    • npl.
      煩惱 to tell sb. one's troubles 向某人訴苦 to listen to sb.'s troubles 聽某人訴苦
    • vt.
      困擾 I wonder what's troubling her 我不知道甚麼事讓她愁眉苦臉 it is going to cost a lot of money, but don't let that trouble you 這要花很多錢,但你不要擔心
    • v refl
      勞神 don't trouble yourself! 別費心了! they didn't trouble themselves to explain 他們沒有費神去解釋
    • vi.
      費心 don't trouble 別費心了 don't trouble about me: I'll be OK 不用擔心我,我不會有事的
    • 煩惱,麻煩,困難,辛苦,動亂,故障困擾,麻煩,使煩惱,折磨煩惱,費心


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