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    • 翻譯: turn red as a beet?

      翻譯: turn red as a beet?中文翻譯: 滿臉通紅 英文字典解釋 go beet red (American) also go as red as a beet (American) to become...

    • 為何會選這個?英文文法題(2題)

      ... what to do, the little girl’s face went red and she cried out loudly . (D...right now . (A) has been turned off (B) are turned off...

    • ”變”的英文

      ...the weather has turned cold and windy 2007-09-13 22:10:16 補充: 像go sour = become sour? = get sour? 像說人害羞臉紅 turn red = become red? = get red? 是不能通用的 應該說英文有些用法是固定 像go sour是指...