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  1. come up with

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      趕上;(針對問題等)想出; 提供
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    • 1. 趕上 We came up with a group of tourists. 我們趕上了一群旅遊者。
    • 2. (針對問題等)想出; 提供 He could not come up with a proper answer. 他想不出一個合適的回答。 He came up with good ideas for the product promotion. 他想出一個推廣產品的好方法。
    • 3. 準備好(錢等) You must come up with the money by tomorrow night. 你明晚之前必須準備好錢。



    • ph.
      趕上 Let's hurry and catch up with the group ahead. 我們快點, 趕上前面的那一伙人。 You have to work hard in order to catch up with the rest of the class. 你要努力學習好趕上班上其他的人。
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      與...密切聯繫 They were tied up with that big company. 他們與那家大公司關係密切。
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      保持同一速度; 跟上(形勢) Workers incomes are not keeping up with inflation. 工人的收入趕不上通貨膨脹。 She is careful to keep up with the latest fashions in clothes. 她特別注意跟上最新的服裝式樣。
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      與...相符 Her story checked with the facts. 她的敘述與事實相符。
    • ph.
      與...友好 His conventional parents were alarmed to find that he had taken up with a group of long-haired anarchists. 他的守舊的父母, 看到他與一群長髮的無政府主義者在一起鬼混的時候, 大為震驚。 She's taken up with an unemployed actor. 她跟一個失業的男演員混得很熟了。
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      以...告終 We had an excellent dinner, and finished up with a glass of brandy. 我們飽餐了一頓, 最後喝了一杯白蘭地。 They held a celebration, with a new film to finish up with. 他們舉行了一個慶祝會, 最後放映了一部新電影。
    • ph.
      改善自己(相對的)地位; 趕上 At first the new boy was at the bottom of the class but he soon pulled up with the others. 起初那新來的男孩是班上成績最差的, 但他很快便追上了其他同學。
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      混淆某人(某事物)與他人(他事物); 分辨不出(兩人或兩事物) You're always mixing me up with my twin sister! 你老是把我和我的攣生妹妹弄混了! I got the tickets mixed up and gave you mine. 我把票混在一起了, 結果把我的給你了。
    • ph.
      容忍, 忍受 If she could put up with the conditions there, we could take her. 假如她能忍受那邊的條件, 我們可以帶她去。 If I were you I would't put up with his behaviour any longer. 假如我是你, 我無法再容忍他的行為。
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