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  1. Willard, Frances

    • IPA[ˈwilərd]


    • ph.
      (1839–98), US women's rights and temperance activist; full name Frances Elizabeth Caroline Willard. She was president of the Women's Christian Temperance Union 1879, an organizer of the Prohibition Party in 1882, and president of the National Council of Women 1890. She wrote Woman and Temperance (1883).
    • 相關詞
    • ph. (1787–1870), American educational reformer. She founded a boarding school in Vermont (1814) to teach subjects not then available to women, such as mathematics and philosophy.

    • ph. (1900–1985), US businessman; full name John Willard Marriott. He founded the Marriott hotel chain, which began in 1927 with a Hot Shoppe in Washington, DC.

    • ph. (1908–2000), American philosopher and logician. A radical critic of modern empiricism, Quine took issue with the philosophy of language proposed by Rudolf Carnap, arguing that ‘no statement is immune from revision’ and that even the principles of logic themselves can be questioned and replaced.

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