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    • which/that

      不能用which的原因請見下: The fact___[the politician accepted a bribe] damaged ...動詞(accepted)有受詞(a bribe),無法「修飾」前面的fact。所以這也是為什麼不能選關代which的原因(關代帶出的是形容詞...

    • 問一句英文改錯

      你好= ) It is a well-known fact (which) climate affects humans in many respects. *which→that it is a fact (that + 子句)用來補述說明factwhich 是關代在此不適用

    • 請幫我翻譯成中文!!請勿用翻譯機或者是用奇摩翻譯

      It is a curious fact, of which I can think of no satisfactory explanation, that enthusiasm for country life and love of...