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    • 尋找線上英文字典網頁((內詳

      ...搜尋happy之後~ 往下拉看看就會看到這個例句~↓ Example: By a happy chance I have the key with me. 以上!!! 奇摩字典是方便~很容易就首頁...

    • 英文作文-A happy day

      ...a good idea. When we came back home, the lights had glimmered from every window. I felt so happy but also tired. Upon getting home, I had a sleep right away.

    • 請問這句英文的意思?Once you have had a

      once you have had a chance to meet with your colleagues是一個副詞子句,是表示未來的狀況...發生,但不是立刻)。 to meet with your colleagues是用來修飾名詞chance的不定詞片語。不定詞通常有尚未發生意思。