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    • 煩請指導 "合作" 的用法

      ...physically involve)Collaboration (co-labor) means actually working alongside someone to achieve something. (actually physical involvement) These two words are very close to each other. cooperation can be passive or non-interfering and collaboration is active...

    • 有關民主化的英翻中

      在1992年5月的Adam Mitchnik,無可懷疑的反共產主義者革命運動的良心聲音,與那人一起出現在法國電視上,他做的比任何其他也要推翻的人還要多, Wojciech Jaruzelski將軍…Mitchnik和Jaruzelski友好地彼此交談,不費事地...

    • ﹝20點﹞請幫我把這些句子翻譯成英文!!

      ...over there. 1-3Perhaps, only with the white cloud alongside, can the blue of sky appear so beautiful. 1-4Probably... that's it, but we'll forever remain in each other's hearts(或memories). 4.我遇見你...