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  1. the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence

    • ph.
      【諺】用以指永不知足的人, 總以為別人的境況比自己的好
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    • everybody always on a cold 不懂

      everybody always on a cold 譯: 每個人都很冷淡。 cold--除了有寒冷的意思之外, 還有 冷淡的...

    • in 和on的用法,此句哪裡不同

      1.You are always on my mind.→你永遠在我心中... mind或on my mind歸類一下。 on one's mind 的感覺是強調對某人...也就是佔有一定的地位,許多情歌總有always in my mind的用法。 in one'...

    • be located in , be located on

      ...地位這個城市? WRONG!!! It's always "ON" the map! It should be: To locate...範圍的地點? Be careful here, that's not always true! For example: "Where's...