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  1. analytical

    • KK[͵æn!ˋɪtɪk!]
    • DJ[͵ænəˋlitikl]


    • = analytic
  2. 知識+

    • 怎麼寫一篇 ”Analytical essay”?

      The Analytical Essay   The Analytical Essay... logically leads.  Since the goal of an analytical essay is a more full and clear understanding of...

    • Meta-analytical如何翻譯較好?

      Meta-analytical 綜合變換分析的 說明: The process or technique of synthesizing research...

    • 英翻中,heavy-duty(流)

      1. (a) heavy-duty air filter.      耐用的(耐操的)空氣濾清器2. emphasize analytical power while de-emphasizing practical difficulties.      強調分析的能力而不強調實際(務)上的困難