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    • else 的用法

      And no one else could come between這句怎麼翻 【沒有人能夠夾在你我之間】 else...come between 有差嗎 【沒差。】 2009-08-07 23:31:45 補充: And no one else could come between【沒有人能夠能使我們分開】 2009-08-07 23...

    • 可否請問著句話的翻譯!謝謝?

      “Private citizens have come through for us and no one else really has" -- 其中 ''no one else really has"'...

    • fault、wrong和mistake的差異

      ... or actions) are my fault (because of me and no one else). Now, wrong and mistake: Murder, for example, is not a mistake...