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  1. come (or appear or arrive) on the scene

    • arrive; appear
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    • arrive; appear

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    • A ship appears on the sea

      不加ing 是因為appear是顯露;出現的意思,用於敘述一個現狀 沒有正在出現(ing)這種說法 appear(動詞) 現在簡單式又因主詞單數的關係 所以appear後面加s 沒有本來就加s這種英文字吧? 過去式後面就加ed

    • (中翻英 )比賽程序的中翻英

      ...competition procedure like after: (1)Pros one debates and appears on the stage and states in detail, after finishing..., the pros forms and debates to appear on the stage and forms

    • 比較級最高級之進階版

      ...恐龍早出現在地球上 (英文)Sharks appeared on earth earlier than dinosaurs...是擺在句尾呢? 原來的句子 Sharks appeared on earth earlier than dinosaurs...