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    • argument的文章要怎麼寫才好呢?

      你是要argue against還是argue for阿? 2006-06-19 22:49:07 補充: 反對gun control...可以看看@@" 2006-06-19 22:53:07 補充: because you are arguing against gun control, you may want to explain your reasons for...

    • 關於quarrel這個單字

      ...argue with [against] sb on [about] sth 就某事與某人辯論 argue against [for, in favor of] 反對[贊成]. 2. 及物動詞 主張 argue...find quarrel in a straw 吹毛求疵,找碴兒 have no quarrel against sth [with sb] 對某事[某人]無怨言. 5. 名詞 怨言...

    • 我想問一個英文單字。拜託知道的人告知一下。謝謝。

      ...argue with you tonight. 我今晚不想與你爭辯。 2. 提出理由[(+for/against)] He argued against the plan. 他據理反對這個計劃 vt. 1. 辯論;議論 We argued the...