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    • 英文~conflict battle fight 這三個字? irreconcilable conflict. 這是一個不可調和的矛盾。 鬥爭,爭執,戰鬥[(+between)] Armed conflict is likely to break out between the two countries. 這兩國間有可能發生...

    • managed to 什麼意思

      ...the country has vowed that it will never get involved in an armed conflict. 瑞士的七百五十萬公民已設法迴避其他國家的戰爭或衝突. 事實上, 這個國家...

    • 關於百年戰爭~ 中翻英。

      Because the long-term armed conflict that such problems as territorial sovereignty and France's throne are inherited take place between Britain and France.