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    as soon as possible

    • ph.
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    • 請幫我解答三個英文句子

      ...need an I-20 form. Please send me as soon as possible. 請問上面句子send me那裡為什麼有錯? Ans... would rather bear those ills they have, as Shakespeare pointed out, than fleet...

    • 很急 拜託大家幫忙翻譯一下

      ...就是:I bless your mother will recover as soon as possible. 自己寫不是比較有誠意。= = 希望她早日康復... bless your mother recovering as soon as possible.」 Then you turn the Verb into a ...

    • as soon as;常常會看到as soon as, 你常看到的是句子 as soon as 句一,句二。和 as soon as possible 不同。 As soon as she went home, she fell asleep on the sofa...