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    • 麻煩您幫我翻譯這些單字的中文意思

      ...every winter.我一度每到冬季就去滑雪 同義︰at the same time; at once; all at once; at a time necessity n. 1. 需要,必要性[U][S1][(+of/for)] She felt the necessity of accepting the invitation. 她感到...

    • 這題英文閱讀 請幫我解

      At a time of his death in 2000, Charles...句子中指有關於之意 5. Awnser: (A) from 註解: From one's viewpoints(points of view)解釋成從誰的觀點來說...介係詞一定...

    • 可以幫我翻譯英翻中這一句,我翻譯都不怎麼好

      ...: = 唸下列說明給妳的對象(妳的朋友)聽: I will read you a string of digits, one at a time. 我會唸一串數字給你聽,一次一個。After the last digit in the series...