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    • at/in the front of

      1. I sit at the front of the bus. 我坐在巴士(車內)前方(靠司機的座位) 2. I see a dog in...指司機開車時面對的方向是前方) 所以 3.Mary and I are at the front of the bus. 瑪莉和我在巴士(車內)前方(靠司機)的地方...

    • 這段句字不太了解

      (你好)A group of dignitaries walked at the front of the procession and scrutinized the faces of the people in the...

    • 中翻英一篇,不使用翻譯軟體及翻譯機!謝謝

      ... of outstanding leader not to be led everybody at the front! It is the same too in this environment of the... an opportunity as leader、I will hold in the future. 2005-12-27 00:55:19 補充: Study some...