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    • present英文問題

      ...don't have a job at present. 目前我沒有工作。 At present the interest rate is 1%. 目前利率是一趴。 in...通常是做形容詞,後面有名詞,例如 in the present moment (這一刻)、in the present time (現在)。 in the...

    • 現在過去未來分不清楚20點

      現在時間: now; nowadays; today; at present; just now; at the moment present, presently, current, currently; right now, right away, immediately; 過去時間: then, (in...

    • 幫我翻譯這一句好嗎?(你知道我現在最想成為什麼嗎?) 謝謝!

      ...成為什麼嗎? Do you know what I desire most to be at the moment? at the moment = right now = at present; at the present time; presently = for the time being = on this occasion = at the current...